About Therese Borchard, LLC

Therese Borchard, LLC combines the skills of a seasoned communications professional with her lived experience of mental health challenges to help organizations create and disseminate content that resonates with readers and engages consumers in initiatives to advance their health and well-being. Blending her expertise of powerful storytelling with a passion for advocacy work, she helps companies craft messages of hope and facilitates meaningful connections with their audience.

“Therese is a talented communicator who conveys the complexity of biological systems and illnesses with clarity and poetic beauty. Her work seems to marry the depth of information sharing from the pre-digital age with a fresh, compelling style.”
Greg Panico, pharmaceutical communications executive

Therese’s signature strength is translating the needs and desires of mental health consumers into meaningful content for websites, print products, and multimedia projects. With a rare mix of empathy, creativity, and strategy, she applies the insights she’s gained as an insider — a woman on her own mental health journey — to develop impactful campaigns and programs that touch the heart and transform the soul. Her balanced, intuitive use of words and images helps organizations forge a deep connection with their audience.

Therese Borchard, LLC matches winning content with viable promotional platforms, potentially reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers. Therese is a regular contributor to the “World of Psychology” blog on Psych Central that generates several million pageviews a month and is the creator of two online depression communities of 30K members. Her award-winning blog attracts half a million visits a year, and her monthly newsletter is emailed to over 30K subscribers. Therese’s social media channels – namely Facebook and Twitter — reach another 50K people a month, with some of her YouTube videos attracting over 50K views.

Any communications professional can create useful content, but only those with lived experience can deliver it with the perfect tone. Therese Borchard, LLC offers the unique package of inspiring prose, promotional platforms, strategic direction, and the invaluable perspective of a fellow consumer living with a severe mood disorder. With this magical mix of talent and experience, Therese Borchard, LLC helps organizations shine a light in the darkness.

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